2.0.0 build 181
May not be compatible with the deployment structure of the previous version; see the compatibility notes below.
May not be compatible with configuration files for the previous version; see the compatibility notes below.
Released on 11 May 2020

Embedded Lightstreamer Server version 7.1.0. See the related changelog for details. In particular:

Made the software development kits (SDKs) available online. See the SDK.TXT in the package root for details.
As a consequences, the previous DOCS-SDKs folder has been renamed to DOCS. Furthermore, the SDKs change histories have been removed from this changelog, which now exclusively refers to the JMS Extender server.

Included in the distribution package the geronimo-jms_2.0_spec jar file, which provides the JMS 2.0 API: this means that from now on now it is no longer required to manually provides a copy of jms.jar file into the <JMS_EXTENDER_HOME>/lib/core folder.

Revised the JMS connector configurations included in the <JMS_EXTENDER_HOME>/jms_connectors/jms_connectors_conf.xml file. In particular:

Updated the GETTING_STARTED.TXT to reflect changes to distribution package.

Introduced support for JMS 2.0 features: shared subscriptions, shared durable subscriptions, delivery delay and delivery time.

Introduced support for noLocal flag on topic subscriptions.

Introduced automatic disabling of temporary topics when the underlying JMS broker does not support the sharing of temporary topics between connections, and the JMS Extender has topic session sharing enabled.

Fixed bug that could cause an integer overflow when receiving a MapMessage.

Fixed bug that could cause a deadlock when terminating the JMS Extender process.

Fixed bug that could cause an NPE when closing a message consumer.

Fixed bug that could cause an NPE in rare circumstances when using the AUTO_ACK acknowledge mode.

Removed a benign warning message from AUTO_ACK acknowledge mode logging.

1.6 build 76
Compatible with deployment and configuration files for the previous version.
Released on 25 Feb 2016

Improved the performance and efficiency of AUTO_ACK, CLIENT_ACK and TRANSACTION acknowledge mode implementations. The new adaptive algorithm better handles situations where the load is unbalanced, such as with multiple inactive sessions and few very active sessions.

Extended the JMS Extender Hook interface to provide callbacks for object message payload deserialization.

Fixed a syntax error in the installation script for Linux.

Improved the handling of cross-origin requests (used by the JavaScript SDK), by returning the appropriate headers also upon most error responses.

Revised the parsing of the various configuration files to improve diagnostics. Some space characters are now ignored. COMPATIBILITY NOTE: No change is to be expected in the interpretation of correct configuration files.

Slightly revised the page supplied by the internal Web Server upon a 404 error, to also have IE and Edge display it rather than a custom page.

Added a new chapter about clustering in the JMS Extender Documentation PDF.

Realigned the launch script to suggest the use of java 8.

Put a reminder about JMX RMI connector credential setting in PRODUCTION_SECURITY_NOTES.TXT.

1.5 build 75
Released on 3 Nov 2015

First public release.